OCR GCSE History Explaining the Modern World: Modern World History Period and Depth Studies (OCR GCSE History Explaining Modern World)

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An OCR endorsed textbook Trust Ben Walsh to guide you through the new specification and motivate your students to excel with his trademark mix of engaging narrative and fascinating contemporary sources; brought to you by the market-leading History publisher and OCR’s Publishing Partner for History.
– Skilfully steers you through the increased content requirements and changed assessment model with a comprehensive, appropriately-paced course created by bestselling author Ben Walsh and a team of subject specialists – Deepens subject knowledge through clear, evocative explanations that make complex content accessible to GCSE candidates – Progressively builds students’ enquiry, interpretative and analytical skills with carefully designed Focus Tasks throughout each chapter – Prepares students for the demands of terminal assessment with helpful tips, practice questions and targeted advice on how to approach and successfully answer different question types – Captures learners’ interest by offering a wealth of original, thought-provoking source material that brings historical periods to life and enhances understanding This single core text contains the International Relations period study and three non-British depth studies: – Germany 1925-1955 – The USA 1919-1948 – The USA 1945-1974


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